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Janurary 3 workout

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CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

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10 Responses to “Janurary 3 workout”

  1. Crossfit Total

    Back Squat – 135# (PR by 50#)
    Shoulder Press – 80# (PR by 5#)
    Dead Lift – 180# (PR by 40#)

    Total – 395#
    Huge PR day for me. Love it. Great way to start the New Year!!
    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  2. CFT

    Squat: 135-185-205 (PR)
    Press: 95-110-115(f)
    Deadlift: 225-270-280 (PR by 10#)

    Total: 595

    Really great job by everyone!!! I am glad we came to do it. 😀

    Now it is time to eat…see you guys monday.

  3. PR’s for everyone!! What an amazing morning that was!

    I set a few myself.

    Squat – 185-225-270 (tied PR)
    Press – 95-110-115 (PR by 5)
    Deadlift – 265-315-355 (PR by 5)

    Total – 740

  4. Great job today everyone. Sorry to see you go back Sandy. It was great having you visit. I set 3 PR’s today. 85 lb. squat, 70 lb. press, 90 lb. deadlift. Thanks for raising my bar higher Kevin.

  5. CFT

    Squat – 155-175-195 (PR by 40)
    Press – 135-145-155 (PR by 10)
    Deadlift – 155-225-285-315 (PR by 160)

    Total – 665 (up from 395 my first time)

    absolutely great feeling! GOOD JOB BY EVERYONE!! Cant wait to see how it goes next time…

  6. I just noticed you reached your goals already for 2009 Mum. Maybe you should aim a little higher 😉

  7. WOW! you guys all rock!
    very cool

  8. Here are my results (just in case I make it back in the spring)
    Squat: 235
    Press: 105
    Deadlift: 265

    Thanks for letting me drop in. Really fun working out with you folks (I’m stoked about having completed my first FGB and CFT!). Have a great New Year!

  9. CF Total

    Back Squat – 205
    Shoulder Press – 90
    Deadlift – 230

    Total: 520 (PR)

  10. Oops… I can’t add.

    CF Total

    Back Squat – 205
    Shoulder Press – 90
    Deadlift – 230

    Total: 525 (PR)

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