Janurary 3 workout


Janurary 3 workout

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Image courtesy of www.crossfit.com

Image courtesy of www.crossfit.com

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  1. Julie

    Crossfit Total

    Back Squat – 135# (PR by 50#)
    Shoulder Press – 80# (PR by 5#)
    Dead Lift – 180# (PR by 40#)

    Total – 395#
    Huge PR day for me. Love it. Great way to start the New Year!!
    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  2. Pierre


    Squat: 135-185-205 (PR)
    Press: 95-110-115(f)
    Deadlift: 225-270-280 (PR by 10#)

    Total: 595

    Really great job by everyone!!! I am glad we came to do it. 😀

    Now it is time to eat…see you guys monday.

  3. Kevin

    PR’s for everyone!! What an amazing morning that was!

    I set a few myself.

    Squat – 185-225-270 (tied PR)
    Press – 95-110-115 (PR by 5)
    Deadlift – 265-315-355 (PR by 5)

    Total – 740

  4. Heather (Mum)

    Great job today everyone. Sorry to see you go back Sandy. It was great having you visit. I set 3 PR’s today. 85 lb. squat, 70 lb. press, 90 lb. deadlift. Thanks for raising my bar higher Kevin.

  5. Andy


    Squat – 155-175-195 (PR by 40)
    Press – 135-145-155 (PR by 10)
    Deadlift – 155-225-285-315 (PR by 160)

    Total – 665 (up from 395 my first time)

    absolutely great feeling! GOOD JOB BY EVERYONE!! Cant wait to see how it goes next time…

  6. Sandy

    Here are my results (just in case I make it back in the spring)
    Squat: 235
    Press: 105
    Deadlift: 265

    Thanks for letting me drop in. Really fun working out with you folks (I’m stoked about having completed my first FGB and CFT!). Have a great New Year!

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