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Tuesday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm,
Wednesday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm,
Thursday 6am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm
Friday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm

520 Edinburgh Dr. Moncton, NB E1E 4C6

December 30 workout

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AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
15 Thrusters (65#)
21 Jumping pullups

***Check the Schedule link for new hours.

300 lunges!? Who would do that?!

300 lunges!? Who would do that?!

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16 Responses to “December 30 workout”

  1. The new hours a better for me.
    I will be able to eat my supper earlier than at 8h30PM. 🙂

  2. Is it a 6h30 tonight or it is only for 2009??

  3. Wow Pierre. Did you really post at 5am? I thought I was the only one up at that hour. Geez, if I knew we could have gone out for breakfast, hahaha.

    Who do the bruised knees belong to? I love it! That’s the best part of walking lunges. It’s a small price to pay for a nice, tight booty 😉

  4. It’s still 7-8pm tonight Pierre.

    Those lovely knees belong to Gordie. Something to show all the RCMP recruits in Mississauga.

  5. i’ll be back in the new year :o)

  6. Wow, my morning climb up two flights of stairs just took on a whole new meaning. It was like looking up at mount kilimanjaro. haha

  7. Normally I am not up that early!

    I couldn’t sleep this morning….let say that the lunges and the back ext. didn’t help!

  8. Sorry Kevin, I just noticed that you had wrote the hours down. :S

    I was still asleep a bit this morning.

  9. CFWU x 3 (1 round of pull ups)

    3 min of each for reps:
    row (calories) – 44
    jumping pull ups – 78
    shoulder press (45#) – 21
    box jumps (19″) – 68
    supermans – 103

    Total – 314

    practice double unders (1 minute each set)
    19 – 18 – 25

    2 times handstand (crow in yoga) to headstand, hold for 10-15 seconds, then back to crow

    pierre’s excitement about the zone has gotten me all all excited again too – i had a great 3 block tuna / egg niscoise salad for dinner post WOD – yummy!!

  10. CFWU x3 (dips & sit-ups)

    Shoulder Press
    I know, I didn’t read the strength w/o (5-5-5) and did more than I should have.

    AMRAP in 20 Min
    15 Thrusters 45#
    21 Jumping Pull-ups

    6 rounds
    + 15 thrusters
    +13 pull-ups

    I forgot to practice my double unders…….tomorrow Kevin.

  11. Krista – The salad you had seems to be good! 🙂

    Here is what I had today:

    Breakfast – 4 blocks egg/turkey/cheese pita (That was sooo good)
    Lunch – 4 block tuna sandwich
    Snack – 1 block cottage cheese/small orange/cashew
    Diner – 4 block pork/spinach/bets 😀

    I love The Zone…. 😀

    Anyways, as for the workout tonight:

    AMRAP of:
    15 thrusters (65#)
    21 jumping pullups

    8 rounds + 3 thrusters

    Wow, that was a hard workout…

  12. CFWU x 3 (minus pull-ups)

    Deadlift 5-5-5
    185-205-225 (PR for reps)

    AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
    15 Thrusters, 65 pounds
    21 Jumping pull-ups

    6 rounds + 10 Thrusters

    Not stellar by any means. I almost lost it after round 3 and I thought about quitting, but we don’t do that at CF Moncton 😉 Plus, I didn’t want any grief from Kevin. Ughh! He probably would have made me do burpees, and that just would have made me mad.

    My head wasn’t in it tonight. I tried, but I was just too distracted. Why did she have to move so far away??? I’m blaming this poor performance on my sister!

  13. Oh, and I forgot the Strengh part:

    Deadlfit (5-5-5)

    No PRs for me there.

  14. Andy – I was curious so I double-checked….

    At 6pm tomorrow night the following countries will be ringing in the New Year… Finland, Israel, Greece, South Africa and any other country that falls in the GMT+2hours time zone. I couldn’t find any with a GMT+2.5 hours.

    Have fun at your party tomorrow night! And, good luck with all those kiddies!

  15. wow pierre – that must have been one huge tuna sandwich for lunch 😉

  16. Yes Krista, it was quite bit..and only on 1 slice of bread! 🙂

    I think I will modify my block distribution to this one:

    Breakfast – 4 block
    Lunch – 3 block
    Diner – 4 block
    (2) snacks of 1 block each. (one in the morning and one for the evening)

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