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Merry Christmas!!

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Happy Holidays!


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10 Responses to “Merry Christmas!!”

  1. ohhh god … I am eating to much this holiday …pull ups are going to suck


  2. Awesome pic! I love it. I bet that girl got whatever she wanted for Christmas. Lucky!!

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!

    BTW, I received 2 pairs of soccer socks to protect my legs when deadlifting !!! 😀
    Isn`t that great!!!!???

  4. I hopped on the scale…just to see…a few pounds short of 190. Not good!

    That’s awesome Pierre! Did anyone else get any CrossFit-related stuff for Christmas? Santa brought me a bench, a situp mat and a portable light (so I can safely get to the light switch at the opposite end of the gym).

  5. I got my very own kettle bell and a zone book. Now I just have to read it and stop eating the pie and chocolates.

  6. i got new snowshoes and a puffy jacket :o)

  7. I got a tabata timer 🙂

    Oh, and I got a manicure set. Maybe I’ll use it to fix up my dirty old calloused crossfit hands… Or, maybe that’s just a waste of time.

  8. And I received a 1 year subscription to the Crossfit Journal!! 😀

  9. no CF stuff for me ;(
    well, not true, i did get myself a 20# KB for playing at home.

  10. I wanted to buy a 24kg KB at CF Montreal…but he didn’t have any in stock!

    Where did you get yours Krista??

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