CrossFit Moncton’s Yankee Swap


CrossFit Moncton’s Yankee Swap

First off, let me just say that Christmas came early. Having my mom join CrossFit was something I thought I’d never see. She was the person that walked to get her daily dose of exercise and never thought CrossFit was possible for her. Since joining, she’s astounded me in so many ways. Among her list of accomplishments include shedding inches around her waist, having way more energy and as of last night, completing her first full situp. I’m very proud of you Mom!

Now, onto the workout for this evening. Everyone that comes will select a number and then choose a ‘present’. Upon opening it, you’ll find a workout. If you were #2, you have the option of switching with #1. Number 3 can switch with 1 or 2, and so on. Person #1 will be allowed to switch with anyone…so you’d better hope to get #1! Merry Christmas!!


**Reminder that the gym will be closed Dec.24-26.

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  1. Pierre

    I don’t really like that KEvin put “present” between quotation mark.
    There is probably something hiden behind that. 😀

    Here a few guess of what “presents” could mean for Kevin.
    The “presents” are probably pieces of paper with that written on it:

    1- Do 50 pushups….at least they are not burpees
    2- Do Filthy thirties….I could have give you Filthy Fifties
    3- Next time Cindy comes out, you have to do it twice.
    4- Next time burpees comes out, you do them inverted.

  2. Pierre

    Here is what we did a Cf Montreal today:

    AMRAP in 40 min of:

    750m row
    25 wall ball (9kg)
    25 knee jump
    25 russian twist
    25 back extension

    I think I did 5 rounds + a few meters of rowing.

    What are you guys doing tonight???

  3. Julie

    CFWU x2 (- K2E)

    1000m Row
    50 Shoulder Press 35#
    30 Pull-ups (RB)

    Time: 12:43
    Hopefully the next time I won’t have a sore back.


  4. Kevin

    So, the presents were Cindy, Annie, Fran, Grace, Jackie and Karen.

    I ended up getting Grace. The last time I did it was in the summer and I used 95# for the 30 clean and jerks (5:53). This time, I went as Rx’d and used 135#. Finished with 7:13. Very happy with the outcome.

    Everyone did awesome tonight! Have a safe and happy holiday!

  5. CFWU x 3

    50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
    Sit-Ups (unanchored, butterfly feet)


    36seconds slower than PR, likely due to sit-ups. Last time I did it with anchored feet.

  6. Pierre

    Great job guys!!

    I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone.
    Take care during those 2 days off from CF….don’t eat too much. 🙂

  7. Andy

    CFWU X 3 (blue band). I actually got all 30 chin ups with just the band so that felt good.


    150 wall ball squats for time (10#)

    9:17 ,…. a whole minute slower than last time. Not sure what happened…

    still having a hard time walking today 🙂

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