December 20 workout


December 20 workout

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter row

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post times for each round to comments.

The Story of Stuff

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  1. Krista

    I’d LOVE to run today but it’s rest day and rightly so after those back squats – i woke up with throbbing quads at 5 this morning.

    The warrior poses in yoga with be BRUTAL with morning 😉

    perhaps i’ll run tomorrow

  2. “The Story of Stuff” – Just in time for X-Mas. Nicely done, Kevin. It’s a good little video. I do remember seeing it a while ago. I personally find it kinda idealistic. Not that it’s a bad ideal, I’m just not convinced that the powers that be will ever be persuaded to change their ways.

    I, on the other hand, am happy to shop local, to limit my waste, and to use organic products. Yeah, it’s more expensive but we all have different priorities.

  3. Kevin

    Corporations sell what people buy. If we don’t buy it, they’ll have a hard time selling “stuff”. Just gotta spread the word.

  4. Pierre

    Hey guys!

    I went to Crossfit St-Jean to do the WOD….

    4 rounds of
    1000m row (yes, I can row now….my ankle is almost perfect now!!
    2 min rest

    Time: 21:13

    They have a nice spot….Alex, the trainer, is a really nice guy.
    He is doing that full time (he quit his full time job for that) from 7AM to 10AM and 3PM to 9PM (monday to friday) and 11AM to 4PM on saturday.
    They are about 75 members (full time)….he is using the 1 year contract so people are more commited to do it.

    Anyways, I will take some pictures tomorrow. I will train with them tomorrow, monday, tuesday and wednesday.

  5. Kevin

    Pierre – good to hear about your ankle. Congrats on the rowing time!

    My workout today started with a 500m row. I started hard and gassed with about 150m left. I actually stopped rowing, took a breath, and finished hard. I thought my time would blow, but I ended up with a PR! 1:30.8

    I wanted to do another Hero wod that I’ve never done before, so I gave Erin a shot.

    5 rounds of:
    15 Cleans (85#)
    21 Pullups


    My hands hate me right now.

  6. Andy

    CFWU X3 (blue band)

    Push Press 5-5-5


    4 rounds for time 500m rows
    1. 2.00.2
    2. 1.57.4
    3. 1.59.1
    4. 1.52.3(PR)

    Good to be back after 9 days away!!

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