Now that’s a tree!

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  1. Julie

    Really beautiful tree. Is that the tree Halifax sent?
    Every year HFX sends Boston a tree to thank them for their assitance after the Halifax explosion?

    Sunday’s W/O

    1 mile run (treadmill) – 9:00 min

    Some fellow told me all the bars were 25#, I knew that wasn’t right, so I asked a young “buffed” fellow and all the bars are 45# (I was figuring either 35 or 45).

    20 Dumb Bell Swings 35#
    20 Push-Ups
    1 mile run – 8:33
    1000m row – 4:30
    4 Kipping Pull-ups (I really tired hard, but I could only count 4 out of the 10 attempts)
    10 x 60# Shoulder Press

    ½ mile run – 4:15

  2. A.M.
    Yoga (run to and fro) – Class was off the hook this morning. Not only was it tough but it had to be + 30degrees in there. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it, and I felt awesome afterward.

    CFWU x 3
    Back Squat (5)-5-5-5-5-5
    (45)-95-135-160-170-175 (matches previous PR)

    Last time I did these was June 12 so I wanted to take it easy. The squats kicked my ass. It was hard.

  3. Krista

    mid day afternoon bike ride (in the rain and ice puddles!) about 2 hours – easy pace

    CFWU x3
    Back Squat 5 x 5reps
    (45 warm up) – 65 – 95 – 115 – 135 – 150 (failed after 1) – 145

    last time for back squats was april 5 – with a 1 rep max of 155 and i wasn’t getting quite low enough so i’m very happy about tonight! had to dump the weight on the 150, but 145 felt good. very tired now!

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