Cross Country Race


Cross Country Race

Kevin and Pierre after the gruelling 6km race

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  1. Kevin

    My official time was 27:49.0.

    I can’t believe the fastest time was 21:34! That’s just insane!

    There’s a 5km race coming up next Sunday if anyone’s interested…

  2. Run 3k

    15:55 including three 30sec recovery breaks (running against the wind on dreaded Church St)

    This isn’t a PR and it was really sucky (as usual). But now that it’s over, I feel great!

  3. Kevin


    21-15-9 reps of:
    Clean 135 pounds
    Ring dips

    Last time I finished this in 7:53 with 95#. so I up’d the weight to 115# this time, so I was expecting a little slower time.

    I was shocked to see 7:41!

    Next time, I’m going as rx’d.

    After the WOD, ramped up to my max OHS.

    125×1 (PR)

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