Gym closed today


Gym closed today

Pierre and I will be running a 6km Cross Country Race this morning. We’ll see if our training has paid off.

If you’d still like a workout for today, try this…

4 rounds of:
25 lunges
50 squats

Julie and Devon on wall balls

Julie and Devon on wall balls

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  1. Pierre

    Ouff….I never thought that a 6k could have been that hard! hehehe
    Uphills, downhills, right turn, left turn, wet grass, mud…perfect pa,lce to run. 🙂

    I don’t know the position I finished yet but I was on the close to the last ones!
    But man, those guys were fast….

    Overall, it was a great experience and I am happy that I have at least finished the run.

  2. Great job, Pierre! I stopped by and saw all the athletes. They were actual University X-Country Teams. Damn right they were fast. I saw the girls start. I’m glad I didn’t enter.

    Can’t wait to hear from ya, Kevin.

  3. Kevin

    Well that was sucky! Got a stitch on my 2nd lap and had to stop to rub it out. I now know I have to train more hills.

    There were some VERY fast runners on that course. They were mostly university x-country athletes, so I’m pretty happy with my time of 27:48. I’d still rather do the Filthy 50’s TWICE, than do that run again. Brutal hills!

    Great job Pierre! Thanks for taking the challenge!

  4. Julie

    Great job Kevin and Pierre. There were some fast runnres out there. But you two did great!!

    My w/o for today was a 5k run (but no race)…..PR 27:30. I stopped to watch the race, cheered on the CF Men and ran another 2.8k home.

  5. Pierre

    I forgot to post my time for the race. But I forgot to stop my watch at the end of the race because I was so exhausted. 🙂

    I stopped it @ 31:41after walking to the bench and realized that I didn’t stop it…my guess is I have done it in the 30ish.

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