CrossFit PEI


CrossFit PEI

The CrossFit PEI team won the PEI (Prince Edward Island) Marathon Corporate Relay recently. Without any training except for CrossFit, they entered an eight person team and finished first out of 42 teams! Now, that’s validation.

Let’s see how we do at the Cross Country meet this weekend!

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  1. Kevin

    Thanks for the correction.

    I played soccer this evening and killed my ankle. Even if I didn’t, doing the 5k on Monday is good enough for me!

  2. Krista

    I ran 2km today in the cold wind – was hoping for 9 min, came in at 9:10.
    All things being said, I remember being REALLY excited to break the 5m 30sec mark a year ago, so this is still darn cool!

    shoulder press
    3x 15
    3x 25
    3x 35
    3x 45
    3x 55
    1x 60 (after a failed attempt at 65)

    I haven’t done shoulder press since the end of april, and at that my 1 rep max was 65, so again, i’m really happy with today!

  3. Thanks for the props Kevin. Good luck to you guys at the meet this weekend.

    We had a blast and got a lot of positive promotion on the radio and in the newspaper. The only advice I would give is what worked for us – hit the run as hard as you hit any CrossFit workout.

  4. Kevin

    Seeing you guys win just makes me want to destroy this event! Thanks for the tip!

    Hope your crew can make it down this way sometime!

  5. Pierre

    Same for me, seeing you guys winning the marathon with a team that never ran more than 400m make me want to win the event!

    A Crossfit Moncton Podium with Kevin and me on woudl be awesome! 🙂

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