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October 2 workout

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Reminder to everyone…we will be at the NEW location on 94 Rideout St. Please come early to get your memberships.

With a continuously running clock do one 135 pound Clean and Jerk the first minute, two 135 pound Clean and Jerks the second minute, three 135 pound Clean and Jerks the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

MC writing her time down on the Board of Doom

MC writing her time down on the Board of Doom

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14 Responses to “October 2 workout”

  1. That will be fun tonight!

    I never did that type of WOD…will be interesting to see of many we can do.

    See you guys tonight.

  2. i start teaching spin tonight so from now on i am doing the workouts alone at CEPs before i teach ….:o(

    i’m so lonely :oI

  3. Would you be up for the Saturday drop-ins Sean?

  4. To put me in the mood of doing clean & jerks tonight, I watched the video. 😀

    If you guys want to see it, here it is:

  5. “Death by Clean and Jerk” … this is going to be a wild one.

  6. Did this one today at lunch time. BRUTAL!

    As Rx’d…6 rounds + 4 clean and jerks.

    I couldn’t believe I was on the floor, gasping for air after only 6 rounds.

  7. 65 pounds… 7 rounds + 7 clean and jerks

    That was a lot of fun tonight, n’est ce pas? I like playing with boys 🙂

  8. not this saturday as it is the Elgin race ….but other saturdays i would be in …just to make Jeanette cookies of course


  9. After school, I did Tabata bottom to bottom squats with my soccer team. Made it to 15.

    Went for a PR for my clean and jerk tonight before the group got there.
    Beat it by 30#’s…185!

    Also set up some plates and got a PR for box jumps…44″. Can’t wait to try it when my legs are fresh.

    Very productive day!

  10. 12 rounds + 7 reps + pukie

  11. Damn you and your short muscular body.

  12. I say the opposite during my 5km times – LOL!

  13. 6 rounds + 6 reps (95 pounds)

    Good WOD yesterday guys!
    The place is gettng really nice Kevin.

    See you tonight.

  14. Now, now boys. No need to argue over who has the better body 🙂 You both rock, and you both know it!

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