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520 Edinburgh Dr. Moncton, NB E1E 4C6

CrossFit Moncton Update

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Hello CrossFit Moncton Crew and potential new members,


CrossFit Moncton will be relocating to an indoor location on 94 Rideout St. The facility is approximately 1100 square feet, with male and female washrooms, and plenty of parking. As nice as it is to workout outside, it’s getting cold, so having a ‘home’ will be great!


With good news, there is also some bad. I will only be able to take 16 people as members. Allow me to explain.


With the facility being 1100sq ft, individual space becomes an issue. The CrossFit Moncton programming will also be changing (it will be more like the main CrossFit site WODs), so individual attention is very important. I want to make sure proper technique is being executed by all members. 


The new CrossFit Moncton will be open October 2. For the month of October, it will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7-9 and Saturday’s from 9-11. There will be 2 classes per day, with 8 clients per class.


In November, the hours will be extended to Monday to Saturday (when soccer season is over).


With a new facility, the price will be increasing as well. It may seem high, but the quality of service will reflect in the price. For an unlimited monthly membership, it will cost $95. For a 100 punch pass, it will cost $900. Compared to other Canadian CrossFits (avg. $148/mth), I believe this is a fair price.


Because October has 2/3 the amount of available days, the monthly price will reflect that. For the first month, the price will be $60. It will be the first 16 people to pay that will get the spots.


A CrossFit Moncton Fundamentals class will be offered as well. It is 5 sessions that will teach you the common movements of CrossFit and work you into the main workouts-of-the-day. For those who have come to CrossFit Moncton’s Park Workouts, I am making the Fundamentals class optional. For anyone new joining, this is a prerequisite to joining CrossFit Moncton. It will also give new people an opportunity to see if CrossFit is for them. The Fundamentals class is $175 for 5 sessions.


I want to thank those that have supported CrossFit Moncton by coming to the workouts in the park. Without you, CrossFit Moncton would not exist. Outdoor sessions will continue until September 27. If you have any remaining passes on your punch cards, I will take what value is left and subtract it from a monthly membership or a Fundamentals class.


 I hope to see many of you at the new indoor location once it opens!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 857-0567 or email at .


Yours in Fitness,


Kevin Wood

CrossFit Moncton



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5 Responses to “CrossFit Moncton Update”


    This is great news Kevin! Can’t wait to see the new spot. We will be in town the long weekend in Oct for a wedding … we will do our best to stop over to check it out!

  2. is there a co-ed hottub ???

    epsom salt tub hot tub


  3. A co-ed hot tub? Do you normally take hot epsom salt baths at your gym? And if yes, what gym have you been going to???

  4. not at the gym , but at home …do the sauna at the gym to flush out the bad toxins :o)

    start teaching spin in october so no crossfit for me in October :o(

    hopefully in November with the extended hours :o)

  5. Congrats Kevin! That’s exciting news – EXCELLENT!! Wish you and CrossFit Moncton all the best.

    From the CrossFit Dieppe team!

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