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CrossFit hands

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If you want to know if someone is a CrossFitter, just look at their hands.
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8 Responses to “CrossFit hands”

  1. I just finishied running the 5k…it went just OK.
    It was my really first time to run 5k so I didn`t know what to expect.

    If I do a little bit of math before posting my result.
    I ran 3k in 12m9s, it means 4m3s per k.
    So I should have done 5k in 20m15s….approximately

    5k run

    Time: 22m53s

    It means 4m35s per k.

    It means I was slower by 32s per k…..I need to kick my butt more next time.
    Tonight I will do saturday`s WOD. 🙂

  2. Owww! That’s gotta sting!

  3. I know how he feels…

  4. Ahhhh hands… lol

  5. 3 rounds of:

    30 Pushups
    30 Box Jumps, 18″
    30 Db Swings, 35 pounds
    30 Double Unders
    30 Walking Lunges


    It was nice working out with my girl Deina tonight. It was like old times 😉 But sorry if I seemed kinda out of it after. I was trying really hard not to be sick… haha! Oie… I still feel like I’m gonna be sick. NO more cookies!!!

  6. no CF for me today, but i did take first place for the women’s category in the 4 hour mountain bike race in miramichi this afternoon. 42km total of singletrack, rocks, roots, fire roads, bridges and SWEET, FAST downhills! the course and organization was excellent!

    tomorrow is a rest day for sure for me!
    two weeks til the final big race of the year – elgin 80km!!
    thank you CF!

  7. Good job on the WOD Jeanette!

    Krista, that`s awesome…1st place, congrats!
    It is probably because of I pushed you hard tuesday on the run! 😉

  8. for sure it helped pierre!!
    my hamstrings were STILL really tight from michael yesterday!

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