Final Tally


Final Tally

The preliminary votes are in and it comes down to 3 logos for the new T-shirts. Vote for only one.

1. By “Cross” we mean “Extreme” and by “Fit” we mean “Pain”
2. Popeye has spinach – I have CrossFit!
3. It’s OK to stare, just don’t interrupt

The boys with their balls.

The boys with their balls.

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  1. Oh no! I hope more people vote. The “popeye” shirt was my least favorite. Hahaha! I can’t wear a shirt with “popeye” on it. And to be honest I can’t decide what the shirt is insinuating. Is it…

    spinach=crossfit / popeye=me,
    crossfit > spinach / I’m > popeye (I would hope it’s this one)

    Regardless, Popeye is the last person I want to be compared with. There’s nothing cool about that guy. He smoked a corncob pipe, had only one good eye, and dated a mousy skinny girl. Plus, he had a speech impediment.

    Ahh well… I don’t get it. Maybe it’s a boy thing 😉

  2. cfmoncton

    Popeye was my childhood hero…well, him and Astroboy. Even though he was a half blind, smoking stutterer with bad taste in women, he still kicked ass.

  3. Lindsay

    I vote for #1 ! Sorry I wasn’t there Thursday, I have been in bed sick since Wednesday, nastly flu and throat infection all in one! YEah!

  4. No, Anthony. I didn’t read the comics and I only vaguely remember watching the cartoon… he annoyed me as a kid too. Thanks for the lesson, but I’m fully aware of the superhuman powers Popeye got from spinach 😉 And I understand that CF is supposed to be our “spinach.” I just think the comparison doesn’t do CF justice. It’s kinda weak. I mean if you’re gonna bring a superhero into it, surely someone could think of a better one. Even Astroboy is better.

    God, I never knew I had such ill feelings towards the poor sailor man. Haha! Nothing about him appeals to me. He’s the “special” hero as far as I’m concerned.

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