Time for some new T-shirt logos…


Time for some new T-shirt logos…

Please post your favorite T-shirt logo in the comments section below.

1. By “Cross” we mean “Extreme” and by “Fit” we mean “Pain”
2. Popeye has spinach – I have CrossFit!
3. It only hurts the first couple of times…NOT!!
4. Highly Contagious: May Cause Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, and an Increased Risk of Fitness
5. “Hey, what are you training for?” “Life”
6. It’s OK to stare, just don’t interrupt
7. You can cry, just don’t act like a baby
8. Yay burpees!
9. CrossFit: A 2 hour workout in 20 minutes
10. I’ll show you my jerk, if you show me your snatch

18 Responses

  1. Ed K

    I saw one the other day that said “Unfuckwithable”
    another one said “Knocking down egos one workout at a time”


    How about


  2. Denis

    I love #10…LOL. I do realize that some might find it a little harsh, but I think it’s halarious. hahahaha
    #6 is also good 😀

  3. Eric

    I really like 1, 4 & 6… I also like Knocking Down Egos one workout at a time… but I REALLY like one shirt I have seen at our workouts, was it Jeanettes? Go Heavy or Stay Home? My Ego is like that little Freddy Flintstone when he was in trouble, Cross Fit is a humbling experience week after week! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. Haha! It’s funny cause we all like the ones with a sexual connotation.

    Eric, I think both me and Kevin have that CF shirt… It’s from the Fredericton CF Total Competition. “Go Heavy or Go Home!” I like that one too.

    And, the last one I’ll mention (kevin already knows i like this one), is “Weigh your meat, grab your nuts.”

  5. Kevin L

    I must say that my favorites are 1, 2, and 6. Though I couldn’t contain myself with 10 hahah. If I really had to choose I’d go for 6. I won’t be able to make it to the workout today cause there’s a family dinner that I have to go to. Sorry Kevin I knew you were lookin forward to puttin us through that hahaha!

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