PEI Trip


PEI Trip

The trip to CrossFit PEI was awesome! We had Ed, Lance and Kevin L, along with Anthony, Jodi, Scott and Jason from Fredericton.

They put us through a brutal workout (thanks Dave). It was:

Run 400m, then, 4 rounds of:
15 Kettlebell Swings
15 Wall Balls
15 Box Jumps
15 Push Press
And end with another 400m run

After the workout, we were a little hungry, so we went to Peake’s Quays down on the waterfront and had a great lunch. We also met some drunk guys that were going to a wedding in a few hours, so they were our entertainment for the afternoon.

For dessert, we had some Cows icecream and Anthony contemplated jumping over the cow, but decided not to because it was fiberglass and he might break it. So the boys found other things things to jump over.

Back in Moncton, we hit up the climbing wall at Crystal Palace and had races up the wall. We then went to Boston Pizza for a late supper and called it a night.

A fantastic trip! Can’t wait until the next Maritime CrossFit gathering.

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  1. Anthony (M/29/167)

    “CrossFit PEI Workout”
    Run 400m
    4 rounds of:
    15 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5 pood
    15 Wall Ball, 20#
    15 Box Jump, 20″
    15 Push PRess, 95#
    Run 400m

    Time: 13:25

    The day started around 7:45am as Scott, Jason, Jodi, and myself headed towards Moncton to meet up with Kevin and his crew. Jason and Scott bickered the whole way, mostly because Scott decided to take the long way, but we finally made it after 3 pit-stops for food.

    CrossFit PEI has a great setup – lots of wide open space in a sports complex that connects with other clubs (judo, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, etc). Mike and Dave (the owners) were very welcoming and their crew had lots of energy and enthusiasm.

    The workout itself was great – everyone pushed hard and put on a good show. Traps are a little tender today, but otherwise feeling pretty good! We are waiting for pics from Mike and Dave and will post as soon as they send.

    We stuck around and traded some tshirts, worked on my handstands, and talked shop with everyone. Jason and Scott got drunk off Coors Light, which made the bickering even worse as the day progressed.

    Peaks Quay was the 11th pit-stop for food and it turned out to be quite tastey. Some Irish dudes were getting ready for a wedding and were quite drunk so they got along with Scott and Jason quite well. We went to Cow’s for dessert – and by golly – they even had gluten-free ice cream. I swear if I hear any more bitching about gluten I am going to freak.

    After box jumping a few fiberglass cows and picnic tables, we headed back to Moncton. Well, I should point out the GUYS were box jumping during this time … the GIRLS went shopping at FruFruLemon. But to each their own.

    We got to Moncton and someone had the brilliant idea to rockclimb race at Crystal Palace’s rock wall. I’m terrified of heights so of course I’d rather not be doing this, but I was out voted by 4 yahoos. I will spare you the gory details – but trust me when I say it is the dumbest sport ever.

    Dumb or not, it worked up an appetite, so we made our 14th stop for food at Boston Pizza. The minute we walk in people start hooting and hollering about CrossFit and this and that. Yet they had no idea there were 5+ crossfit gyms in the area … what rock do they live under? Anyway, the food was great and I won’t mention the boobs.

    We finally made it home safely just after 11pm, cleaned the gym, had a snack before bed … and crashed hard. All in all a great day.

  2. Ed k

    I finished in like 23:27 or something like that lol

    All in all it was a fun day, the crews from pei and fred were both awesome. I hope to stop in to cfit fred sometime to see theyre stuff. Haha lots of good laughs to remember, we should do that in the summer every year!

    Met some crazy Cfitters and now I know what I can become if I continue! thanks for the motivation and just being yourselfs guys!

  3. Hey guys,

    Thanks for coming over. It was great to see people from three CrossFit gyms training together. It really highlighted the sense of community that CrossFit embodies.

    We’re looking forward to getting over there for a session sometime soon. Hopefully, we can bring a bunch of us along.


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