Dobson Trail run


Dobson Trail run

I’d like to share my adventure of the Dobson trail with you.


So, 59km in one day sounded like a good idea at the time, but after developing blisters 16km in, I was dreading it. My adventure started at 9:30am when Dad dropped me off at the Dobson trail entrance on the Old Shepody Road. I had lots of food and water packed, and a few emergency items in case I needed to stay the night.


I started my stopwatch and I was off. The first part of the trail was very wet, rocky and twiggy. I only had shorts on, so my legs were getting scratched up pretty bad by all the bushes across the path.


I stopped for a quick lunch at 12pm at the Kent Road, and put on some blister packs on my feet. After 30min, I headed back out. My knees started to act up on this leg of the trail. I have iliotibial band syndrome, which means every time I bend my knee, a tight band over my knee joint rubs against the bone and becomes inflamed. It’s like having a rock stuck in between your knee as you’re walking. I popped a pain pill, but it didn’t help much.


The first portion of the trail was quite wet and rocky. I had to talk my time on those sections. There were a few logging roads that the trail follows, so I took the opportunity to run on those.

I started out wanting to complete the trail as fast as I could. I had the timer going and was making good time, but after the 30km mark, my knee was hurting so much that it became a goal to just finish it.


So I thought that doing this trail in one day was a pretty cool accomplishment. That is until I met Dana Meise at the 14km mark. He’s walking across Canada using the trail system. Very interesting individual. Check out his website at


At the 8km mark, I was passing a huge marsh. I heard something in the water, looked over, and it was a HUGE moose. I stopped to watch it dredge through the swampy waters.


It got dark with about 6km left and luckily, I brought my headlamp. For the last 2 hours, I was hiking in complete darkness. There was no moonlight as it was covered by dark clouds.


With only 2km remaining, I glanced up and saw 4 green eyes coming straight at me on the trail. I had a stick in my hand and stood behind a tree, somehow trying to protect myself. I started yelling at the animals to scare them away, but they just started growling. I thought I was dead. Not a moment later, I hear people behind them yelling. It was two people, and the growling creatures were two dogs off their leash. Every single hair on my body was standing on its end. I talked to that couple for a little bit and then ran the rest of the trail.


I came out of the woods and stopped my timer…12 hours and 7 minutes. I was bruised, battered and beaten down, but very proud of myself for not quitting.


There is no way I could have completed this trek if it wasn’t for CrossFit. It prepared me physically for the unknown challenges. Not only that, but it also prepared me mentally. When I’m doing a workout like the 50’s, or Eva, I won’t let anything stop me from finishing it. CrossFit has taught me to persevere no matter what is thrown in your face.

CrossFit – makes you physically strong and mentally tough!

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  1. Ed K

    Haha I can just imagine you behind a tree with a stick gritting your teeth, ready to attack whatever animal awaits you in the dark.

    I think I will call you Rambo from now on ahaha

  2. so it was only at the end when you started to scream like a little girl …:o)

    funny you did not even once mention bugs ???

    i think you made the whole story up in your head …was it a dream or not ??

    sean :o)

  3. Julie

    Way to go Kevin ☺. Great job!! Your adventure has given more insight of what to expect on the trail. I’m going to be attempting the Dobson mid-September with Krista. Hopefully it will dry up somewhat before we head out. It is a challenge that I am so looking forward too.

  4. cfmoncton

    Thank you everyone! I found out tonight there’s a list of the fastest times people have done the trail, so I’ll contact them to see where I land. Maybe I’ll have to beat someone’s time next summer!

    Sean – I think I saw 2 mosquitos the entire trip. If you stop though, they’ll attack you.

    So, who’s running it next year?

  5. I ate like a pig yesterday so I decided to run for my breakfast this morning…

    Run 3km(includes two hill sprints)

    15:31 (PR by 37secs… WHHAAA???)

    I’m not exactly sure how this is possible seeing how I was running on an empty stomach and I took two 30sec walking recovery breaks, but boo-ya… in yo’ face, run! CrossFit works! Or, wait… maybe it was because I was hungry and I just wanted to home to eat.

    I won’t make it to the park this morning for a wod.

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