Burpees and situps


Burpees and situps


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  1. Okay, about burpees on an incline… Kevin you said they’re easier on an incline but I don’t know if I agree. Yes, the push-up portion of the burpee is easier on an incline but I think it makes the hopping part harder, no? I’m talking about hopping feet to hands from the high plank position, NOT the jump up at the end of the burpee.

    It’s harder to hop UP a hill then on a flat surface, right? Convince me otherwise.

    Ahhh Burpees… I love to hate them!

  2. Ed K

    Lmao Good vid.

    We are all really growing… That workout was a tough one, well tougher that it looks for sure, but we all pushed through it and I don’t think anyone thought that they couldn’t do it.

    That’s the vibe I got anyways.

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