August 16 workout


August 16 workout

If you were at the workout on Thursday, I know you’re having a hard time walking today. That’s ok. I feel your pain. However, don’t let that stop you from joining us today. I promise you, the WOD is not focused on the legs, so they will get a break.

We’ll be playing with the medicine balls today, and I’m going to leave the WOD as a surprise.

And if anyone is interested, Jeanette and I are going to the track in Dieppe at 9am to test our 400m sprint times. Feel free to join us. We’re going to see if we could have got Canada a medal 😉

We did a 400m sprint, a really fun medicine ball race in pairs, and the surprise WOD.

It was 50,40,30,20,10 of Burpees and Situps.

And thanks for the Watermelon Man (Sean) for the treat today!

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  1. cfmoncton

    The shoes felt great! The force you to run on the balls of your feet, so your calves feel it. And stupid me didn’t warm up properly and now I’m hobbling around.
    Warmups are VERY important!

  2. Pierre

    Ok here is my time:

    Sprint 400m: 1:14….I was surprise by this one
    WOD: 20:08

    What a great workout.
    It was my first time doing burpees….that`s really hard!

  3. Julie

    I have to work on my sprinting. My time was sooo bad I can’t remember it…1:thirtysomething.

    Nasty WOD, but nasty is good!!
    CFWU x3
    50 Burpees -40-30- 20-10
    50 Sit-Ups -40-30-20-10
    Time: 22:02

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