I Thought We Did Legs Yesterday?


I Thought We Did Legs Yesterday?

We will occasionally hear comments like this from people who are new to CrossFit, and there’s a reason for that. Almost all Circuit, Toning, Body for Life programs come out of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is built around lengthy isolation workouts with the goal of achieving a particular look. There is nothing wrong with this, if you want to be a bodybuilder. When we say lengthy, we are talking about 15 hours and more A WEEK of work outs that by design do not help you move better, become faster or more flexible, or gain any real functional advantage. With CrossFit you are working maybe 4 hours a week, and NEVER doing any isolation movements. CrossFit is all about training functional movements that will allow you to get faster, stronger, leaner, more flexible and balanced. CrossFit is based on seemingly random exercise choices, and with that you may have weeks where you are doing a ton of pull ups, and weeks where you will do none. This keeps you in a place where your body never adapts, so it keeps getting better and better. So if you think you know what WOD will be your next, based on your last, think again.

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  1. 1.5k run to Y (7:31)

    CFWU x 3
    Samsonson Stretch, 20sec hold/side
    10 Overhead Squats
    10 Sit-Ups
    10 Back Extensions
    10 Pull-Ups
    10 Push-Ups


    Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
    65 pound Overhead squats


    Not a stellar performance. I wasted most of my time on the first set of OHS tryin’ to find my groove.

  2. cfmoncton

    CrossFit Total

    Back squat, 1 rep
    Shoulder Press, 1 rep
    Deadlift, 1 rep

    No pr’s today.

    BS – 205
    SP – 100
    DL – 305

    Total – 610

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