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July 19 Workout

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Today turned out to be a nice day. The clouds covered us for the warmup and while we worked on medicine ball cleans and wall balls. Then the bright, hot sun came out just in time for our “Modified Annie” WOD.

50-40-30-20-10 of Box Jumps and Situps

As soon as we finished, the sun hid behind the clouds again. Perfect timing!

Everybody kept the intensity high throughout this workout, and it showed in the resulting times. Great job everyone!! See you on Tuesday.

Denis was practicing his David Blaine levitating

Denis was practicing levitating like David Blaine

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4 Responses to “July 19 Workout”

  1. excellent WOD!

    today was the first time i came off my box jumps two footed, felt alot better than the one step down. i didn’t levitate though, maybe next time

    time: 14:11

  2. LOL
    Great picture Kevin…that’s awesome !!!
    Who needs to walk on water when you can levitate!

    Nice day, good WOD, great group ;o)

    Can’t remember my exact time…around 13:10

  3. Fun pic! I can’t remember my time either but it was just past 13 mins I believe. My abs were already sore to start so I’m sure I’ll feel them tomorrow big time! Thanks Kevin!

  4. 16:10

    It was good. The height of that box jump killed me on the first day. Im glad I was able to get through it this time :).

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