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July 17 workout

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Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

  • 15 pushups
  • 12 dips
  • 9 med ball cleans

As simple as this workout seems, it’s far from easy. Great effort by everyone tonight!! Don’t forget to post your results. See you on Saturday!

The Thursday night crew!

The Thursday night crew!

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5 Responses to “July 17 workout”

  1. 15 ring pushups
    12 ring dips
    9 push presses (115#)

    3 complete rounds + 15 pushups + 7 dips in 20 minutes

    My shoulders are still toast from the handstands on Tuesday at gymnastics. The push presses quickly turned into push jerks.

  2. 7 Rounds completed with 9 push-ups!! (Dips were done on the bench though)
    Biggest challenge of the day: Getting my shirt off…(so weak)

    I’ll be in Montreal tomorow til next Sunday I will see you all back then. I’ll be posting WOD’s that I will be doing over there if I have the net.

    Good workout guys!! 😀

  3. 5 Rounds + 1 round of push-ups

  4. 8 full rounds
    all push ups on toes (hurray!), dips on bench, 13lb med ball

    see you all saturday!

  5. 6 rounds

    15 Pushups

    11 dips

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