July 15 Workout


July 15 Workout

A great group of athletes came out tonight! We went through our warm-up, practiced some overhead squats (Lindsay had amazing form and depth by the way), and finished off with a great workout.

The WOD was 4 rounds of Run 400m, 50 squats.

Krista had the killer time tonight! Everyone else finished hard!

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  1. cfmoncton

    I played around at the gymnastics club tonight for a solid hour. Worked on handstands, front tucks, parallel bar, trampoline and rings. I actually pulled off a muscle up without a false grip tonight!

    Stay after the workout today and did the run/squats. Finished at 10:31.

  2. Krista

    yes, excellent workout from everyone! and a killer one at that, thanks kevin

    CFWU 2 rounds
    worked on OHS form – is my back ever tight, wow!

    my WOD time: 11:54

  3. Lindsay

    Thanks Kevin! The excellent form went downhill around my five thousandth squat!! LOL I was on vacation so I wassn’t there the last couple days but I will see you tomorrow night!! Can’t wait!! My WOD time was a whole 21 minutes!!! Good times, LOL, I could actually get out of bed without rolling on Wenesday though, so that was nice!!

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