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July 15 Workout

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A great group of athletes came out tonight! We went through our warm-up, practiced some overhead squats (Lindsay had amazing form and depth by the way), and finished off with a great workout.

The WOD was 4 rounds of Run 400m, 50 squats.

Krista had the killer time tonight! Everyone else finished hard!

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5 Responses to “July 15 Workout”

  1. I played around at the gymnastics club tonight for a solid hour. Worked on handstands, front tucks, parallel bar, trampoline and rings. I actually pulled off a muscle up without a false grip tonight!

    Stay after the workout today and did the run/squats. Finished at 10:31.

  2. Good Job Everyone 😀

    Time 16:41 :S I’ll be getting better 😀

    Way to go Killer Krista! lol!!

  3. yes, excellent workout from everyone! and a killer one at that, thanks kevin

    CFWU 2 rounds
    worked on OHS form – is my back ever tight, wow!

    my WOD time: 11:54

  4. Thanks Kevin! The excellent form went downhill around my five thousandth squat!! LOL I was on vacation so I wassn’t there the last couple days but I will see you tomorrow night!! Can’t wait!! My WOD time was a whole 21 minutes!!! Good times, LOL, I could actually get out of bed without rolling on Wenesday though, so that was nice!!

  5. You’re welcome! Thank you for coming!
    Welcome back from vacation and can’t wait to see ya tomorrow.

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