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July 10 Workout

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What a great turnout tonight. Thanks to everyone that came out!

We worked a bit on our deadlift technique this evening. There was a lot of improvement on form from start to end.

The awesome workout tonight was:

20 meters of burpee long jumps and 20 meters of walking lunges for 5 rounds.

Amazing effort by everyone there! Hope to see you all on Saturday!

***Remember, you can post your times for the workouts in the comments section below.

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6 Responses to “July 10 Workout”

  1. On this nice hot and humid day, ran the 10k in 45:58. Very impressed for my first time running further than 5k.

  2. Nicely done, Ive never ran over 5.5 K. I’m curious to see what it feels like. hopefully we are doing that tonight! 😛

  3. Time was 7:17


  4. Pre-Wod:

    1.5km run (7:30… it was hot!)

    90mins of gymnastics. Climbed a rope; practiced hand stands, kipping, L-sits, forward and back rolls, lots of cartwheels, and forward tuck jumps… fun, fun stuff, but eff it was hot!!!

    CFWU x 2

    Deadlift practice

    5 Rounds for time of:
    20m burpee long jumps
    20m walking lunges


    Did I mention it was HOT!!!

  5. CFWU 2 rounds

    Deadlift practice – i found this VERY helpful!! i’ve been doing some wrong things, so it was really cool to learn proper technique

    5 rounds for time:
    20m burpee long jumps
    20m walking lunges


    wow! that BURNED! and HOT out! i’m very glad for the big shade trees along the field

  6. Time was 14:20…. BUT I FINISHED IT!!! LOL

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