CrossFit Games


CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games in Aromas, California are complete and the results are in.

Top female CrossFitters – First Place: Caity Matter, Second place: Tanya Wagner, Third Place: Gillian Mounsey

Top male CrossFitters – First Place: Jason Khalipa, Second place: Josh Everett, Third place: Jeremy Thiel

Jason Khalipa had an amazing come-from-behind victory!

I’d like to congratulate Anthony and Jodi Bainbridge from CrossFit Fredericton for showing the world that us New Brunswicker’s are tough shit. Anthony placed 16th overall, and Jodi came in 35th overall.  You are both extremely talented athletes. Congratulations!!!

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  1. Warm-Up: 1.5km run (7:34)

    For time:
    100 double-unders
    90 back extensions
    80 squats
    70 sit-ups
    60 lunges
    50 push-ups
    40 box jumps, 18″
    30 wall ball shots, (8lbs? real light)
    20 burpees
    10 pull-ups


    Deina pulled ahead during lunges and smoked me. Typical 🙂

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