CrossFit Moncton Kick-off!! July 5th


CrossFit Moncton Kick-off!! July 5th


Saturday, July 5th ! Mark it on your calendar. CrossFit Moncton will be kicking off the summer in true CrossFit style.


The crowd will be gathering at 11am at Queen Elizabeth School playground, socializing, filling out waivers and all that jazz. Directions can be found under the “Location” link at the top. The Workout of the Day (WOD) will start at 12 noon. It will be a ‘Hopper’-style workout. For those of you that are unaware of what that means, I’ll put a bunch of exercises into a bin, shake it up, pull some out, and then we do them. Completely random, which is one of the main principles of CrossFit.


If you would like to participate in this WOD, please contact me ASAP. There is no charge. Free. Gratuit. Come try it out, see what CrossFit Moncton is all about. We are “everything you hated in gym class”!


Even if you’re not participating, come check us out anyway!! There’s going to be a BBQ and CAKE!!!


Kevin Wood

CrossFit Moncton

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 506-857-0567

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  1. Jeanette


    I posted this on the Fredericton site, and then it occurred to me that I should also start posting here…

    Let me just say that I had so much friggin’ fun tonight! Thanks Kevin and Krista!

    First we did an awesome WOD at Kevin’s (aka CrossFit Moncton)…


    Burpees (5) Low Score
    Squats (20)
    Sit-Ups (13)
    Double-Unders (22)
    Box Jumps, 19″ (10)

    Total: 70

    1min rest between exercises

    Then we all went to the MMA Center and put those guys through the same workout. They definitely suffered 🙂

    Oh, and the hot chicken in a bag was good too… yummm. What a great night!

    See ya tomorrow, Kevin.

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